This self-driving startup wants to do more than just deliver groceries to your doorstep


The company says it has a proprietary technology that uses multiple sensors to process information, accurately calculate distances and detect obstacles in the car’s path. AutoX’s business model relies on licensing that technology to other companies that can implement their self-driving services.

“We’re trying to empower all different segments including car manufacturers, including ride-sharing companies, including logistics companies, to make good use of this technology to make their business better,” Xiao said. “Internet can help many traditional industries become better, much more efficient.”

That’s slightly different from the self-driving services that Waymo and Uber are attempting.

For its part, Alphabet’s self-driving car unit Waymo launched the first commercial autonomous ride-sharing service in the U.S. last year, following months of testing. Ride-sharing app Uber, on the other hand, recently announced a $1 billion investment into its self-driving car group.

Xiao explained that despite running a pilot program in the United States, AutoX’s focus is more on China and the Asia Pacific markets.

“The way we see the China market, and also Asia Pacific, in general, is a huge market. It’s going to be a really good testing ground,” he said.

Source: CNBC

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