Philadelphia touts biggest job growth among metro areas, Glassdoor report finds


The City of Brotherly Love is also the city of booming employment.

Philadelphia topped Glassdoor’s Job Market Report for the month of June as the metropolitan area with the most year-over-year job growth, coming in at an increase of 6.3 percent.

Conversely, on the list of Top 10 metro areas, Houston saw the most sluggishness in job growth with a decrease of 7.9 percent compared to the same time last year. June also marked the Texas city’s third month in a row of declining growth.


Glassdoor’s report also found that 5.65 million job openings were reported nationwide for the month of June, up 1.4 percent from last June.

The jobs and recruiting website defined job openings as the “number of unique open jobs on Glassdoor that were listed as active on each Monday of the week,” which are then averaged out to four-week totals.

Glassdoor senior economist Daniel Zhao said, so far, job growth for 2019 has been modest compared to 2018 data.

“The job market had a hot run in 2018, seeing annual growth in job openings at 9.8 percent. That annual growth has since slowed down to 2.2 percent so far in 2019,” Zhao said in a statement. “Although it seems like a stark change, the continued growth in jobs and pay seen in Glassdoor’s latest Job Market Report is a sign that the good times aren’t over yet. But after a decade-long recovery, today’s labor market is sluggish.”

Glassdoor said its monthly job market report offers a “real-time view of job and hiring trends and wage growth in the U.S.” by using data from its website.


“We publish the report monthly with the goal of offering labor market data, trends and analysis to help people make more informed job decisions and to help employers refine recruiting and hiring efforts,” the website said.

Here are is Glassdoor’s breakdown of the Top 10 U.S. metro areas, in order of fastest to slowest job growth:

  1. Philadelphia: +6.3 percent (107,288 open jobs)
  2. Atlanta: +5.9 percent (119,848 open jobs)
  3. Boston: +5.8 percent (146,152 open jobs)
  4. Seattle: +4.3 percent (109,322 open jobs)
  5. Washington DC: +1.4 percent (177,198 open jobs)
  6. Chicago: +0.5 percent (189,258 open jobs)
  7. New York City: +0.2 percent (293,049 open jobs)
  8. San Francisco: -0.1 percent (142,167 open jobs)
  9. Los Angeles: -0.3 percent (206,780 open jobs)
  10. Houston: -7.9 percent (90,858 open jobs)

The full report can be viewed on

Source: Fox Business

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