Microsoft says employers will look for these 3 skills as A.I. changes the workforce


Microsoft’s report found that by 2021, there will be an excess of traditional cognitive and manual skills in Asia Pacific, such as data entry, numeracy and communication, and mechanical skills.

However, there will be a lack of higher cognitive capabilities, as well as social and technological skills. Specifically, the report noted, there will a shortage of the three skills business leaders most need.

  1. Digital skills
  2. Analytical abilities
  3. Continuous learning capabilities

Wo said employees should focus especially on developing continuous learning abilities and creative analytic approaches.

“They need to start from the (continuous) learning,” Wo said of employees.

“I think there’s a need for them to learn about skills around design thinking,” he continued, referring to a solutions-based approach to problem-solving. One definition breaks that model into five steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.

Source: CNBC

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