Biden’s dogs are back at the White House after biting someone, Psaki says


First dogs Champ and Major have returned to the White House after they were sent away to Delaware after one of them bit someone, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday. 

“The dogs will come and go,” the press secretary said in a briefing at the White House. 

“The dog’s being trained now,” President Biden told “Good Morning America,” last week, suggesting that 3-year-old pooch Major had not been expelled because of the incident. “He was going home, I didn’t banish him to home.”

Earlier, Psaki said that first dogs Major and Champ, 13, were sent to Wilmington for a “pre-planned” trip, as the president and first lady Jill Biden would be away. Earlier this month, reports broke that Major bit a member of the White House security team and had been barking and lunging at other staffers.

Affirming that the rescue dog is indeed a good boy, Biden said that Major just needed some more time to adjust to life in the White House.


“Every door you turn to, there’s a guy there in a black jacket,” he said of the serious security. “You turn a corner, and there’s two people you don’t know at all. And [Major] moves to protect.”

In the briefing, Psaki also minimized Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s claim that he hadn’t met with President Biden since the Inauguration. 

“He’s had a number of bipartisan meetings in the oval office,” Psaki said of the president. “He has a long friendship with Leader McConnell and has spoken with him, speaks with him regularly, we’re obviously not going to read out all of those calls.” 

“I haven’t been invited to the White House,” McConnell had told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “So far this administration is not interested in doing anything on a bipartisan basis or in the political center. They’d be more than happy to pick off a few of our members.”

And as for whether the twin House gun bills can make their way through the Senate without Sen. Joe Manchin’s vote, the White House is unsure. Democrats have renewed calls to pass the bills after back-to-back mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder. 


“As the president said yesterday, we don’t know yet,” Psaki said in the briefing. Biden “hasn’t done the vote count but this shouldn’t be a political issue.” 

Fox News’ Janine Puhak contributed to this report.

Source: Fox News

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